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I was beaten by my wife: Wipro man

Ds Wipro give dating allowance to its employees or not? The issue that got a wide news coverage after an employee's wife filed a case that her husband started neglected her after Wipro started the allowance has taken a new turn.

The Wipro employee in question, Gaurav Nigam, on Saturday alleged that it was his wife, Tripti, who was actually beating him and he was not the guilty party.

Gaurav narrated his side of the story to the Sunday Times of India over phone from Delhi. He said he is not paid any dating allowance by the company and that his wife is drawing the name of his company chairman Azim Premji just to harass me".

Gaurav (32) has been working with Wipro for six years as a technical consultant. He has taken a temporary transfer to the Gurgaon office, to fight the case, which has been filed by his wife in the Kanpur Magistrate's court.

Gaurav alleged that his wife used to hit him and push him when they got into an argument. She also used to pressure me to transfer the ownership of my Sarjapur Road house and car into her name. When I would refuse, she would beat me.

Gaurav said Tripti had complained that he, his father, mother, sisters and brothersin-law had gone to her Kanpur house to kill her. Based on her complaint, the police arrested his parents and he had to get them released after filing a plea in the court.

But, he says, he can prove that she was still in Bangalore on that date. She got a Reliance phone connection installed and activated that day. But why is she dragging Premji's name into the case, when there is no such thing as dating allowance in our company he asked. All I have is the basic salary component, a transporation allowance, a special allowance and Wipro Benefit Plan.

Tripti and Gaurav, who are married for four years now, are living separately for the last 18 months. Gaurav filed for a divorce in April, and she filed a case against him under the Domestic Violence Act this October after the law came into force.

Gaurav said the problem started soon after he got married in December 2002. She wanted everything on her terms and often threatened to book me under Section 498 of the IPC, he said.

When I was going to the US on a long-term assignment, she said she was accompanying me. But on the last day, she refused to come with me and left for her parent's house in Kanpur, he said.

When I was still in the US, she came back to Bangalore and started complaining to my employer, Vanitha Mahila Sahayavani and to the US Consulate in Chennai. When I came back in January, I filed for a divorce in Lucknow.

She filed a case in the family court, saying that the apartment which I have in Bangalore was funded by her father and she took an injunction on Feb. 22. She took up a job in Bangalore, she worked for oneand-a-half months and then went off to Kanpur, Gaurav explained.

In her petition, Tripti has alleged that Wipro's dating allowance showed their (company's) complicity in encouraging his extra-marital affairs".

She has claimed that Gaurav started neglecting her and the home after he started getting the allowance. Gaurav denied that he had any affair with any woman.

The Kanpur Magistrate's court has issued summonses to Premji and company human resources head Pratik Kumar, asking them to appear before it on November 29.

From: TO

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