How can I file for divorce from my NRI husband in Japan?

I recently got married to an NRI who works in Japan. I went on tourist visa as he promised to apply for my dependant Visa once I am there. Since the day I landed in Japan he started mental torturing and in the end I had to forcefully come back to India on my own. What divorce options do I have?

Firstly, very sorry to hear about your predicament. It is unfortunate to find oneself in this situation, especially when overseas. I am assuming your family and the guy’s family have tried to consul both of you to resolve any differences that may have arisen?

Now that you are back in India, you should consult with your family. And if divorce is the only option ahead, you should contact an attorney. As you are in India and presumably got married in India, the divorce proceedings will be done in India.

With all this, let us also look at the silver lining here : You are safe and back ‘home’ in India, hopefully with your extended family to support you.

(note, this is not legal advice. You should hire a competent lawyer to address your specific issues)


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