Must Read Stories of Arranged Marriage and Divorce

Arranged marriage and divorce are becoming more and more common. We bring you some thought-provoking stories of these kinds of marital breakups.
Must Read Stories of Arranged Marriage and Divorce

Sunita was born and brought up in Agra. She even got her BSc degree qualification in Biometrics in the city of the ‘Taj Mahal’. She had no time for love and was ready to have an arranged marriage organised by her parents and family.
After seeing a few suitors with rejects from her and them, she to a match called Aamir from Bangalore who was a software engineer and working for a major IT firm.
He had a busy work schedule so they met on Skype for the first time and got on very well. She agreed and so did he.
Their engagement was arranged for a month later which was the first time they met. She was very attracted to him as soon as she met him and he liked her immensely.
The wedding date was set and they kept in touch and she adored the communication with him and fell for him.
During conversations, she learnt about a severe alcohol problem Aamir had. But he promised to quit after their marriage. She believed him.
Sunita’s parents had spent a lot on the marriage and she did not say anything. They got married and on their wedding night on a nicely decorated bed, he was withdrawn and drunk.
She asked him what was wrong. He started to cry loudly and said he was badly in debt due to drinking. She assured they could work it out together.
They went to Bangalore where he lived. They never had sex despite her trying to get close to him and the new marriage was taken up with his problems.
Sunita discovered he had been betting huge sums of money after getting drunk. He had lost over Rs. 50 lakh. Aamir then told her he was going to bet her away as a virgin wife to get some of his money back. This completely shocked and astounded her that he could think of such a thing.
Sunita, the person she was, tried to stay in the marriage and help him.
One month later she could no longer keep it from her parents. She called them and told them everything. They told her to leave him and go to an uncle’s home in the next town. That night, while he was sleeping, she left.
Sunita, devastated, then contacted the police about his plan and filed for divorce.
Sunita and Aamir’s story of arranged marriage and divorce shows Sunita knew nothing about the educated man Aamir she married, who kept everything from her until they got married
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