Child thanks Supreme Court for granting parent's divorce

A divorce can be one of the most stressful experiences a family goes through. More so when there are kids involved. In a touching story, the Indian Supreme Court recognized the sentiments of a 10 year old child whose parents had married in 1997.

The couple had filed 23 civil and criminal cases against each other in Punjab and Haryana high court and various other district courts.

“This is a rich encomium paid to the court by the son of the appellant and respondent. The little one present in court today is exuberantly happy and sought liberty to present a handmade card expressing his joy on the settlement of all disputes and litigations between his mother and father,” justice Kurian Joseph said in his order while referring to the child’s note.

“What has been closed is not simply 23 cases; in the background of both the parties, they would have easily gone for many more litigations in the coming years,” justice Joseph observed, reminding courts that they should try an amicable way to arrive at settlements. 


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