Indian woman seeks divorce after discovering husband’s baldness

Of all the reasons for seeking divorce, this must take the cake - A woman from Ghaziabad, a western district in UP adjoining Delhi cited her husband’s baldness a reason to seek a divorce from him. 

The couple got married in January 2020 but it took a year for the woman to discover her husband's baldness. The woman said in her petition that she wanted a divorce as her husband concealed his baldness by wearing a wig prior to their marriage.


A reconciliation effort is mandatory for divorce in India. She told counselors that she wanted the divorce as she felt betrayed. The woman claimed that her husband had kept her in the dark about his baldness.

The man had allegedly kept his baldness a closely guarded secret for over a year. A few days ago, his wife discovered that he was completely bald when she saw him without a wig.

“I feel embarrassed in front of my friends and relatives many times. It is difficult for me to live with him anymore," she claimed.

The officials at the marriage counselling center tried to dissuade her from seeking divorce on 'trivial' grounds, but the woman was adamant.

The couple was given another date for the second round of counselling.

(via Express News Service)


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