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  • Giving deserving people a chance at a new life. Offers re-marriage website solely for the use of the Divorced, Separated and the Widowed Indians who can start a new chapter all fresh.
  • Matrimonial Portal for Widow, Widower, Divorcees looking to get re-married and also The No.1 Re-marriage Matrimonial Services Provider
  • RomanceWays.comVast collection of articles that you can go through to see if your concerns have been addressed or not or if your fears are valid or not
  • The leading portal for Indians looking for a second marriage. So, whether you are divorced or
  • widowed or someone looking to start late in life, give us a try... and Start a New Life! .

Divorce Links of Interest

  • Divorce in India: Link includes information on The Law, Grounds for Divorce and Consequences of Divorce
  • Practical information about the mechanism and logistics of divorce, as well as personal stories.
  • contains 'toolkits' that you can work through. e.g. the relationship toolkit helps you deal with anger.
  • explains why a support group might be useful, and can help you find a group in the US
  • Focused on Indian law, the website aims to connect you to accurate information on any category of law that you want to know about. You can stay in touch or ask questions to our legal experts, whose profiles and details are featured on the site itself.

Divorce Statistics

  • Divorce statistics in India. Data gathered from the Indian Census including the '91 census.
  • Divorce Statistics in America from the Americans for Divorce Reform, a group that is dedicated to eradicating 'no-fault' divorce and wants to make it harder to divorce.
  • In Sri Lanka, 0.15 of 1000 marriages end in divorce. From The Miami Herald, 1998.
  • Divorce on the rise among IT professionals in India, according to the Times of India, 23 Dec 2000. (no stats, though).
  • 5000 divorces in Haryana each year, (out of a population of 17 million). According to the Tribune, (12 Dec 2000) this is the highest rate in India.
  • Check the United Nations Demographic Yearbook. Also Report on the World Social Situation.
  • Divorce statistics for the US, and some dubious world statistics

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