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After wedding planners, here come the ‘divorce planners’!


London, Aug 12: Now get a divorce served on a platter, for a German company has come up with a quirky concept of a˜divorce planner, who will help the separated couple with smooth and trouble-free divorce proceedings.

Sieglinde Vauth, who runs the Agentur Rosenkrieg (War of the Roses Agency), and has been divorced twice, has offered to help couples on the path to divorce.

He has said that his firm will help the estranged couple by mediating between spouses, giving them advice and helping to arrange all the practical aspects of a divorce, including sorting out the finances.

“It is mainly when money comes into play that the problems arise. I try to find other solutions than simply saying ‘eenie, meenie, minie, mo’ and distributing the assets in that way", ananova quoted him, as saying. — ANI

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