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verdict a triumph for women… when it is just about money?

Nizam’s former wife says verdict a triumph for women

Hyderabad - The third wife of a former Nizam of Hyderabad, who won $3.4 million as divorce settlement last month, Saturday said her legal victory was the triumph of every woman fighting for their rights.

A jubilant Manolya Onur, accompanied by her 15-year-old daughter Niloufer, arrived at the airport here from Turkey.

Onur, a former Miss Turkey, who was received here by Begum Jhaveri, her power of attorney and other well wishers, vowed to continue the battle if the eighth Nizam Prince Mukarram Jah Bahadur chose to challenge the court verdict.

Delivering the verdict in the case, a family court here June 26 had ordered the Nizam to pay about $3.4 million to Onur towards ‘meher’ - the amount promised to be paid at the time of marriage - as well as repay a $300,000 loan that he took from her along with a six percent annual interest from 1995, besides her maintenance.

‘I am happy not just for myself but for all those women fighting for their rights. I would like to help such women in whatever way I can,’ said Onur. ‘I am really happy because I came here from Turkey and fought for 11 long years and in the end I won. Justice has been done to me and my daughter. I believe in the Indian government and its democracy,’ said the 45-year-old Onur, who had married the prince in 1989.

Niloufer was born in 1991. They separated and later divorced in 1996 after the prince married Moroccan beauty Jameela Boularous. The 73-year-old Nizam, who has so far married five women, has been living abroad for nearly four decades.

The court also directed the Turkey-based Nizam, grandson of seventh and last ruler of the erstwhile Hyderabad state Mir Osman Ali Khan, not to sell the Chiran and Falaknuma palaces here. It, however, refused to pass orders directing on the handover of the Chiran palace to Niloufer. Onur had claimed that the Nizam had promised to give the Chiran palace, valued at Rs.4 billion, to their daughter. She said she was ready for another round of legal battle if the Nizam chooses to challenge the verdict in a higher court.

Sources close to the prince said he would soon file a petition challenging the verdict as he feels that he is being made to give away far too much. Source : IndiaeNews

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