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Report on Alarming Situation: Misuse of Anti-dowry laws in marital disputes


It has become a custom in India, when lots of social and legal concerns are expressed for wives in cases of matrimonial disputes, but husbands and their family members are totally ignored. The Indian social and legal systems take for granted that most of cruelty is done by husband and his family to wife, but there are no provisions for crime against husband and his family members. It is the predicament of husbands when they are continuously tortured by cruel wives who get favors from everyone including courts, public administration and society. The life style of married couple have changed drastically in last few years that has made husbands and his family members more susceptible to domestic violence. It is not fair to pre-establish that domestic violence happens to a wife only in the Indian family. In a typical situation, a wife could act cruel to her husband physically, mentally or by her anti-social behavior. As in most Indian families, husband’s parents live with him, so wife can be also cruel to them. In such circumstances, many husbands and their old parents committed suicide after being neglected by everyone including the police, Indian courts and civil authorities. Many cases go unreported when wife and her aides cannot be punished due to limitations in our laws and social values. - Read complete article

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