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More aware, women assert their rights

More aware, women assert their rights

Marriages are breaking up fast. The divorce rate is going up especially in Punjab and Haryana. Why? Women have become more conscious about their rights and status; financial security and independence have made them more assertive; breaking up of the joint family system has contributed towards increasing marital disputes and the dowry system is also responsible for destroying marriages.

Lok Bhalai Party chief Balwant Singh Rammuwalia says most of the NRI marriages are breaking up because of financial considerations. Those coming from abroad to get their sons married seek a huge price for their wards. Often such marriages end in divorces, he added. He said the political, social and religious systems were loaded against women and they suffered most because of divorces. NRI bridegrooms walked out of marriages without fearing the law in the absence of proper laws in India to protect the rights of women married abroad.

Gurminder Sokhey, head of the psychology department of Punjabi University, who has studied the subject of divorces closely and has guided research on the topic, says spread of education has made women think for themselves. They have now got the confidence to live on their own. They want to live on their own terms and are not ready to play the second fiddle. Their improved financial status has empowered them. All these factors have resulted in the breaking up of marriages fast. “In earlier times, women were dependent on men and had no freedom”, she adds.


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