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Red Corner notices against Gujarati NRI marital cheats

Ahmedabad, October 19 : Red Corner notices seeking extradition or deportation no longer chase the usual band of hardened criminals in Gujarat. The new targets of the state CID (Crime) are Gujarati marital cheats settled abroad.

Of late, the police have begun issuing these notices to secure extradition of NRI Gujarati grooms, who lure local girls into marriage and ditch them at the last moment.

Several cases of fake NRI Gujarati marriages are being reported throughout the state with brides, including highly-qualified women, being duped by their NRI husbands. The women's cell of the CID (Crime) has already issued red corner notices in as many as six cases, seeking to bring back these men to stand trials.

One of the accused, Vishal Sureshchandra Raval, a US-based NRI who belonged to Mehsana district, surrendered before a court here recently. He is facing charges of mental and physical torture of his wife.

Meanwhile, the Interpol is still on the lookout for the remaining five. According to CID (Crime) officials, the details of these men have been provided to the Interpol. In addition, their residential addresses in the countries they live in have been given to the Interpol. These men, however, keep fooling officials by changing residences using their overseas connections.

“But we hope to nab them sooner or later,” said Meera Ramniwas, Deputy Inspector General of Police, CID Crime (Women's Cell).

She said her department is now in the process of readying one more red corner notice seeking deportation of a US-based Gujarati, Jagdish alias Jack Punjibhai Patel, who had an extra-marital affair with a beautician in Gandhinagar two years ago. He promised to marry the girl and take her to the US. He, however, ditched her after she gave birth to a boy in July last year. Thereafter, the girl filed an FIR against him. The CID is now trying to arrest Patel and get him back through Interpol.

According to Ramniwas, many NRI Gujaratis, who have wife and children in their adopted countries, fool around with young girls here, who are easily lured by the prospect of marriage and living abroad. Many actually enter into vacation marriages, stay for a month or two and then go back promising the ‘spouse’ to arrange for her visa.

In other cases, NRI grooms just file a divorce petition overseas as per local laws there, get a divorce from the courts and send those papers to their ‘wife’ here.

Ramniwas said these cases have been on the rise lately. She provided a list of precautions for parents, who are looking for NRI grooms. These are:

  • Don't finalise the marriage in haste and/or over phone or through e-mail.
  • Don't settle wedding related matters like taking or giving of dowry in secrecy.
  • Verify the antecedents of the NRI groom, his marital status, job, business, income, residence, family members through Indian and Gujarati NGOs abroad or even the Indian Embassy there.
  • Do not depend on middlemen or marriage bureaus.
  • Compulsorily register marriages in India along with a social ceremony with family members of both the parties and settle all conditions before marriage.
  • Take care to avoid greedy NRIs. If the groom or his family insist on having the marriage or registration only abroad, say no to it.
  • Collect passport details of the groom, his visa, phone numbers, his photographs, photographs of his parents and other family members. Never sign any suspicious documents and keep all your important documents like educational certificates and passports with you.
  • Parents must procure a copy of a 75-page book containing guidelines prepared by NRI Gujarati Foundation here and study it before finalising the marriage.

The book, according Ramniwas, is a complete guide on NRI marriages with rights of women, children rights, domestic violence, provision of maintenance under Section 125 of the CRPC, Hindu marriage act, and the rights of Muslim women..

By Syed Khalique Ahmed Posted: Oct 20, 2008, Indian Express

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