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Workshop On ‘Problems Relating To NRI Marriages’ inagurated

Shri Vayalar Ravi Minister for Overseas Indian Affairs called for grater social awareness about the NRI marriage problems. Inaugurating the regional workshop on ‘Problems relating to NRI marriages’ in Thiruvanathpuram, he said there is a need for local level awareness and education campaigns especially empowering women to address this problem. The Minister said the number of such cases is increasing and the problem is not confined to Punjab or Kerala alone. A number of cases are being reported from other parts of the country from states like Gujarat, Haryana, Delhi, Maharastra and Andhra Pradesh also. Recently, West Bengal also joined this list as more than 100 cases had been filed by Indian women demanding restoration of their marriage annulled by divorce decrees abroad. The nature and dimension of such incidetes vary but the central issue is ‘marriages to overseas Indians’.

He pointed out that at national level, the issue of marriages to overseas Indians has gained attention due to the growing number of cases of failed or fraudulent marriages. Marriages to Overseas Indians are like any other marriages and may go through the same ups and downs. An important difference however is that the recourse to justice is constrained by the fact that these marriages are governed not only by the Indian legal system but also by the far more complex private international laws involving the legal system of the other country.

Shri Ravi further said that most of the cases pertain to women being abandoned because of various reasons. This may even happen prior to her going to the country of her husband’s residence. Sometimes, the women learn after the marriage that the husband was already married in the other country to another woman, whom he continued to live with. Realising the legal complexities involved in the problem, the Ministry has henceforth embarked on a publicity campaign to create awareness on the issue. The objective is to educate young women and their families on their rights and obligations as also to give them guidelines on what they must check and verify before entering into overseas alliances. From News@ IndLaw

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